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Accusations/Ban Empty
PostSubject: Accusations/Ban   Accusations/Ban EmptyFri Nov 28, 2008 2:17 pm

Hey guys,
Moderater Sean Here!

There are gonna be some guildlines for accusations. Here we go:

You MUST Post prove.
No text please it can easily be changed.
Second of all Pics are very helpfull.
Since this is a MMing Site. The people approved Of MMing will say what happened And what they heard.

That is for scamming. If you accuse of multiple accounts:

You MUST have prove. If someone joins this site and makes multiple accounts.Please notify us.
If you do not of prove of multiple accounts You can ask me for a IP check.

Spammers will be banned. We will give you 1-3 chances. Me and the other 2 Admins will be Moderating the threads to watch for credit spammers. We will notify you through either PM or we will post on your thread.
These rules must be followed. I have the punishments on the announcements forum. It is under the rules.
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