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 ChatBox Rules!Read em there not long...

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ChatBox Rules!Read em there not long... Empty
PostSubject: ChatBox Rules!Read em there not long...   ChatBox Rules!Read em there not long... EmptyTue Dec 02, 2008 11:32 am


These are the chatbox rules.Please dont abuse these or you
will be banned from the chatbox!Now, We do not want that. Please
follow every rule. There are no excuses.

Will get 1 warning and only 1

Spamming-Suspension from chatbox
Advertising-Ban from chatbox and site..
flaming-24 hour ban from chatbox
racisim-That will be 48 hour ban from Chatbox(aka calling ppl n word..)
Being a total A-Hole..-Will get warning and will let it go if you give a reason.
Making fun of people-Depends how bad it is....
If you are having a bad day- I will try to cheer ya up Razz

Thanks for reading. Make sure to follow all rules and
post any others you think of.Smile

Your Owner,

My sig is 2 long check my vouch section for vouches...
My msn is,My Yahoo is
Stay safe read Sean's Rules .
Read The chat box rules too..Donate some money we are trying to get domain name-
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ChatBox Rules!Read em there not long...
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