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 selling level 97 x-guardin advuntre quest!!

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PostSubject: selling level 97 x-guardin advuntre quest!!   Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:03 pm

it is a very very good account has 2m!! and good amount of z-tokens!! also has a level 84 advutnter on it!! and a 62!!! the 84 has like 9k of z-tokens!! btw this is all on the same user!!

would like a awesome runescape account!! or a amazing aq worlds guardin account or a dragon fable dragon amulet!!! plz offer btw i am in dire need of a rs account all i have is a level 3 nooby skiller!!

and also since i am admin and no one is really trusted sadly you will have to go first.! I love this site and i hate scammers!! also for the comment about that one guy!! its only because i traded with him and it went smooth! so sorry for the incident!


Is Going to Do A Powerleveling Service!
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selling level 97 x-guardin advuntre quest!!
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